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Every organization operates with a variety of contracts. With a structured recording of these in a contract management software you create the basis for making the right decisions.


Categorize contract types (e.g.: lease, use, maintenance, insurance, energy, cleaning,...), collect specific characteristics and optimize your facility & infrastructure management

Manage contract term and periods of notice clearly arranged and automatically monitor resulting deadlines

Visualize relationships, for example between contract object (building, parcel/land, device,...), contract partner and assigned contracts

Document contract changes and store them automatically as a history

Record index agreements, monitor and implement possible price adjustments

Easily find objects with comprehensive filter options, create and save your own queries and evaluations

Combine contract types in a contract group and make adjustments faster, create subcontracts for a main contract

Implement frequent tasks as a workflow and thus accelerate them, e.g.: settle claim notifications for insurance losses

If required, assign several companies or natural persons as a contract partner

With ProOffice Contract Management you control notice periods, index adjustments, contract renewals and payments. Starting from individual objects, you can view all contracts and keep track of them.

Useful Platform Features Functions that you can use in all ProOffice Software Solutions

  • Access tried-and-tested process and object structures
  • Create meaningful reports and enhance them with map elements
  • Flexible extension of data models

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