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As a cemetery manager you coordinate and document extensive processes in funeral services. This includes the planning of grave fields, the assignment of persons, the inventory or the examination of graves in a digital cemetery cadastre.

Functions ProOffice Cemetery is a Software which supports you performing the following tasks:

Structured administration of cemeteries, grave fields, grave rows and gravesites

Survey the occupancy and temporal development of graves over sections of burial use, taking into account rest periods, organize grave divisions and merging of graves

Central control of events (e.g. funerals, excavations) and related processes (occupied items, invoices, contact persons)

Check graves paperless on-site with mobile Tablet PC's, assign tasks and automatically inform tomb owners.

Use personnel and resources efficiently, reduce workload, minimize reaction time through object-related document access

Document all processes and use report templates (e.g. burial, excavation, reburial, extension of use, description, grave division, return)

Define individual service specifications and create fee notices automatically

Define material characteristics for tombstones and graves using predefined, extendable catalog values

Display graves as a map or plan via the GIS widget (connection to SynerGIS GeoOffice/WebOffice)

With ProOffice Cemetery you organise your work without tedious preparation and follow-up tasks. Processes (e.g. funerals) and related tasks (occupying items, assigning people, creating invoices) are controlled centrally. You always have an overview of all objects, assigned graves, occupancy and vacant positions.

Useful Platform Features Functions that you can use in all ProOffice Software Solutions

  • Access tried-and-tested process and object structures
  • Create meaningful reports and enhance them with map elements
  • Flexible extension of data models

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