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No matter whether buildings, street lighting or industrial operation: In facility and infrastructure management, you must always monitor your energy consumption.

Functions ProOffice Energy is a Software which supports you performing the following tasks:

Create metering points (single-, main-, intermediate- or sub-meters) for all media (electricity, water, heat, gas, cooling)

Create energy reports with monthly and annual comparisons using attractive templates

Track energy balances via supply areas and virtual metering points in detail, compare changes in diagrams over time, export data to Excel based on templates

Perform workflows such as meter exchange more efficiently with software support

Use an energy management system according to ISO 50001 and GEFMA certification

Log monthly meter readings or consumption via connected sensors, quick entry or import (e.g. k5 Finance)

Monitor costs, manage climate adjusted heating degree days on the basis of tariffs and contracts directly at the metering point

Energy controlling: Estimate consumption by interpolation or trend calculation for missing meter values, automatic plausibility check via tolerance values

Capture meter readings directly on your smartphone, remove, install or change meters using a photo documentation

With ProOffice Energy you can register your actual energy consumption using metering points. Climate-adjusted, this is also available as an energy indicator comparable on monthly basis.

Work offline: Energy Mobile+ If required, you must be able to work in the field without internet coverage. Energy Mobile+ offers the following additional functions and an user interface optimized for tablets:

Store object data and background maps on the device and use them offline. When a network is available, synchronize the work performed with the central database.

Document objects and damage as photos using an integrated camera function

Time-efficient recording of object data, damage images and measures through an optimized, workflow-based user guidance on the tablet

GPS-supported offline acquisition and spatial information for objects

View documents and images from past controls and assess the development of problems

All work steps are optimized for the Panasonic Toughpad reference device.

Test ProOffice Would you like to discover ProOffice? Do you have a question? Our experts help you to implement your industry-specific problems and show you the ProOffice software as a webinar introduction.

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