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No matter whether traffic infrastructure, building equipment or production facilities: as an operator you are responsible for the safety. Therefore, you need an overview of all devices and systems, their characteristics, measures and their spatial position.

Functions ProOffice Maintenance is a Software which supports you performing the following tasks:

Software-supported management of devices and systems with their technical and commercial data: Safety equipment, machinery, road infrastructure, monuments,...

Centrally monitor warranty dates, calculate asset values using linear depreciation/amortisation

Control planned maintenance dates based on time intervals or threshold values (e.g. mileage), structure tasks to be performed using work maps and checklists

Record hourly rates, cost centers and other factors for operational and long-term planning

Spatial overview of devices and systems using coordinates, addresses, GIS objects or a CAFM map

Assign tasks and plan capacities, taking into account qualification regulations and legal requirements

Document completed tests/maintenance work, attach photos and provide a proof ready for retrieval at any time

Always comply with current regulations, DIN standards and regulations via REG-IS connection

Use personnel and resources efficiently, reduce workload, minimize reaction time through object-related document access

Record uses, downtimes and defects, document them over the entire life cycle and display them graphically

Allow every employee from his or her workstation to submit damage reports or repair requests, set up direct access to selected objects for external service providers

Exemplary application fields

Building equipment

Maintaining equipment: fire extinguishers, locks, light sources,...


Fault message management, production plant management

Traffic infrastructure

Maintenance of traffic routes, bridge book, traffic sign register, (flight) port infrastructure,...

Monuments, hiking trails,...

Monument register, hiking trail register: maintenance of hiking trails, railings, walls, bridges,...

Work offline: Maintenance mobile+ If required, you must be able to work in the field without internet coverage. Maintenance mobil+ offers the following additional functions and a dedicated user interface optimized for tablets:

Store object data and background maps on the device and use them offline. Synchronize the work performed with the central database if a network is available.

Document objects and damage as photos using an integrated camera function

Time-efficient recording of object data, damage patterns and maintenance measures through optimized, workflow-based user experience on the tablet

GPS-supported offline acquisition for objects and their spatial information

View documents and images from past inspections and assess the development of damage

All work steps are optimized for the Panasonic Toughpad reference device.

Useful Platform Features Functions that you can use in all ProOffice Software Solutions

  • Access tried-and-tested process and object structures
  • Create meaningful reports and enhance them with map elements
  • Flexible extension of data models

Test ProOffice Would you like to discover ProOffice? Do you have a question? Our experts help you to implement your industry-specific problems and show you the ProOffice software as a webinar introduction.

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